Hospitality Management

is the field of work or study of managing hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, travel agencies and similar organizations in the hospitality industry.
People who work in HM need superb communication and service skills. Also they need to be flexible but also tough at times when dealing with customers and employees.
Core subject areas in the HM curriculum include accounting, administration, finance, information systems, marketing, human resources, public relations,business strategy as well as specialized topics in the various areas of hospitality business.

Travel "Booking Day-Night"

We are Booking Day-Night, India's largest online market place for "Hospitality Service Provider ". We constantly keep reinventing ourselves and through sheer dint of effort, service excellence and your continued patronage have reached our current leadership point. We have been around for a while, but our latest avatar with an expanded and renewed focus on the larger "Hospitality Service" landscape is less than 3 years old.

Our Management Team

Proprietor Name : Miss. Moumita Middey
Admin Head: Mr. Subrata  Middey
  Mrs. Chitra Middey
Sales & Marketing Director Mr. Amit Pachal
Website Designer & Development Mr. Smurti Ranjan
I.T Head Mr. Partha

Our Work Strategy:

  • To operate hotels and resorts providing all hospitality related services from our partner's perspective ensuring the required results are met and even exceeded.
  • We work closely and openly with our partners, ensuring that we deliver honest and result focused solutions.
  • We pride ourselves on our friendly and personal approach as well as in-depth understanding of the industry. Our underlying value is our team and what that team can achieve on behalf of our partners.
  • To provide tailor made solutions to the specific desires of our partners.

Owners representative Services

We represent the owners and investors to negotiate the best deal for management companys/brands worldwide. We provide full audits, reports/plans of action. Monthly review of results and monthly property visits as well as annual budgets and marketing plans reviews.

Our Work Concept:

We believe that any investors or owners contemplating capital investment in a specific site should develop a clear master plan which justifies the investment, lays the foundation for future investment and sets out how this is to be achieved. It should be a working document which is used and modified as functions, objectives and other parameters change.

There are three phases to reach the objectives:

  • Strategic intent and gap analysis
  • Feasibility design and option development
  • Assessment of options and presentation of final report

Phase 1

  • Review of competitive brand environment both current and future in target markets
  • Conclusion of the proposed brand's competitive set
  • Proposed brand positioning in relation to the competitive set
  • Identification and audit of target customer profile, mindset, purchase patterns and demographics

Phase 2

  • Brand Vision statement which will be the call to action
  • Brand Mission statement which is the road map to vision execution
  • Brand pillars which form the foundation of the brand
  • Brand points of difference in product, service, pricing and distribution versus the brand competitive set
  • Brand name and logo
  • Brand promise and mantra

Phase 3

  • Brand Design Guidelines/Technical Standards Manuals to ensure expansion or rebranding consistency
  • Development road map location recommendations which will enable both pure hotel management contracts and investment positions
  • Brand Manual preparation including Operations/HR/Finance/Sales/Marketing/PR /Revenue Management/Pre-opening processes
  • Brand job profiles
  • Brand training programs
  • Full brand identity Manual

Technical Services and Pre-opening Assistance

We recommend hotel or project owners to get us involved as early as possible for the project as it will help set smoother operations, meet the target date of opening or launching of the project and financially profitable to the owners. For the scope of services we provide the followings:

  • Feasibility study
  • Hotel/resort and facilities brief
  • Consulting during design and build stages of the project
  • Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines
  • Developing of food and beverage operating concepts
  • Identification, hiring, training of department heads and operational personnel
  • Recommendations of acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment
  • Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations and sales plan

Note: For Technical Services and Pre-opening assistance can only be provided in conjunction with management contracts.

Hotel Management Contract

We manage independent hotels and resorts on behalf of investors and owners. Our management terms are negotiable based on duration and fees.

Our Partner Hotels

"Booking Day-Night" believes in reinvesting in our properties. At each of our hotels you can expect freshly updated products…

Brijsons Hotel PVT Limited.
Unit: The Chariot Resorts & SPA

Sprawling over 3.5 acers with lush green landscapeing, The Chariot Resort & Spa nestless admist a natural lagoon, in a private beach with elegantly designed 144 Rooms & Suites to welcome you. Enjoy the legendary elegance and breathtaking beauty of this renowned beach hotel in Puri.

The Park Plaza, Puri

This is A/C 22 rooms & 25 pax capacity restaurant and 40 pax capacity conference hall,
Established beside on Bay – Of – Bengal, Puri, Odisha